Chunky Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich


Ice Cream Suggestions: Premium Matcha Green Tea, Japanese Miso Caramel & Peanut Brittle, Dark Roasted Black Sesame, 1980 Strawberry Milk

Prep. time: 5 mins
Ready in: 25 mins
Recommendation: Prepare the ice cream filling a day ahead

Makes 3-4 serves

Ingredients required:

500ml Madame Yuzu’s Ice cream (pick your flavour)
8 large round cookies

Let’s begin….

Step 1. Quickly scoop out ice cream and form a straight lane on a sheet of baking paper. To compact this ice cream filling roll the baking paper tightly to enclose, carefully twist both ends to create a tube as you would for candy wrapping. The tighter you twist the sides, the more bubbles/gaps are removed and evenness is achieved inside the tube. You can also control the diameter of the filling. Estimate the thickness of tube based on cookie size. Secure this tube entirely with foil. Pop this back into the freezer for at least 15 minutes to harden. This step can be done a day ahead.
Step 2. Remove the foil wrap and baking paper. Using a knife, thinly slice off one crinkled side of the tube so you can create a presentable straight surface. For every other slice of the ice cream estimate widths of 2-3cm, go thicker if prefer chunkier. For cleaner slicing, wet the knife with warm water in between slices.
Step 3. Sandwich the ice cream discs in between 2 cookies. Get creative and roll the edges of the cookie sandwiches on a bed of choc chips, sprinkles or crushed nuts - let your imagination fly! Enjoy straight away or freeze it until the show or movie starts…

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